I've always been amazed by people who sing. The ones who can just open their mouths and create music. How do they do that?

It was astonishing- like watching those stilt-wakers strolling so effortlessly at the Caribbean Day parade: "How do they do that?"

Over the years I stayed away from singing, for the same reason I stayed away from stilt walking. I was afraid of falling.

In the meantime, I turned to something else I loved - acting. I became a cast member on the PBS series "Square One", and had roles on "thirtysomething" and "Judging Amy".

In 1996 I created Story Salon now the longest running most popular weekly storytelling venue in Southern California. <check it out>

The Story Salon has produced several one person shows, podcasts, CD's, an radio series, and several books including the Story Salon BIg Book of Stories.

The Salon has become an incredible venue, a place of creative discovery and freedom. The rule is "Let your freak flag fly."

Along the way, I realized I was asking the performers to be brave and bold in their creativity, but I wasn't doing that myself.

When I met John O'Kennedy, things fell into place. John is an amazing guitarist and through our collaboration, I was able to find my voice.  And I really love to sing.

So here's my first CD.

Thanks for listening.